OVHcloud Startup Program

One program, many innovative Startup

Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship....
This is the objective of this program, formerly known as the Digital Launch Pad.
The program supports startup, regardless of their maturity, in their technological development as well as supporting them commercially by providing them visibility.
In perfect harmony with OVHcloud's values, the program embodies our motto, Innovation for Freedom, feeds our ecosystem and confirms our position as an alternative player.
During this event, come and meet a selection of promising startup that we support in our Startup Village.

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Bodyguard offers tools to protect you in real time from cyberbullying on the Internet, and uses technology that detects more than 90% of hate content.



Dotaki increases the conversion rate of e-merchants through artificial intelligence that personalizes the user experience according to the emotional or rational behavior of visitors.



Jalgos is a team of researchers, designers and consultants in AI, big data, design and business strategy. We support our customers throughout the entire AI value chain, from defining a strategy and identifying high value projects to adapting and industrializing our products to meet the situation of our customers.


Live question

Livequestion allows you to obtain real-time opinions from all over the world to make the good choices. Ideal for evaluating an idea, surveying customers, evaluating a job or comparing your opinion with that of others..

Vignette is a SaaS solution for financial management and analysis dedicated to public cloud users. The platform offers a 360° view of services of various suppliers and personalizes recommendations to reduce costs.



Lucine is a digital therapeutics company using AI to customize its solutions. Thanks to OVHcloud,we are hosted in an HADS compliant environment with powerful machines in the European Union and the United States. We cover all the requirements imposed by GDPR  and exploit health data in France and abroad.



Naor is a platform that analyses the impact of food on our body, according to our dietary constraints. It identifies alternative products better adapted to our metabolism by combining dietary monitoring and measurements taken via our connected bracelet and analysis using our artificial intelligence.



VisioPM is Cassia3D: the first intelligent and interactive 3D digital signage solution that does not require glasses. Smart: our (AI) profiling camera identifies people in front of the screen and pushes the appropriate content. Interactive: with a simple hand motion you can manipulate the objects on the screen. A first, a systematic "wow" effect!



Wizaplace is an all-in-one marketplace creation platform. It integrates in a single SaaS solution with all the functionalities necessary to create and manage all types of marketplaces: B2C, B2B, products or services.